Stop the Violence! Stop the extremism!

In my opinion no one likes violence.

You are with us or… I will still love you…

If you wish to win with extremism there is only one way.
Any kind of violence should be illegal.
Yes. I am sure about it.


No violence against woman. No violence against children. No violence against minorities. No violence against animals. No violence against any being. No violence against any environment. No violence – please!

Please think who would support violence…
I can’t imagine one or I have a hard time to picture it.

I am blessed since there is even one violent act in my life.
Yes. Please try me!

We are The Church of happy thought and we
promote no violence.

First we should properly define violence so all should be comfortable with it.

Next we should make it illegal.

There is no doubt in my mind that extremism understood by today standards is equal with violence.

Please join us!

Thank you.

Peace and love.

Piotr Grzywacz

Please sign our petition.

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She is the one to give meaning to our casue.
Please see below….